Hello! My name is Gabriel. I’ve been involved with FTC for three and a half seasons now and I’m still enjoying it very much. My role in the team is builder, which means that I help with the more mechanical parts of our robot. This means that I devise and assemble components for the robot together with the other builders. I like working on FTC because I have always enjoyed working with technology. Next to that I fill the role of team leader, which means that I assure communication within our team and between our coaches. I am also responsible for our team’s order list.


Hi All, my name is Aditi and I’m one of the member of the FTC (First Tech Challenge) team. I am helping the team as a programmer and as a generalist. I enjoy being part of this team, because this team is blend of students from year 3 to 6 plus coaches who are always eager and willing to help one another and share knowledge in the entire journey (End to end phase) of the project, what we are into currently. It fits my liking as, I always wanted to do something challenging with Robots and technology. Before to this team, I was also part of the FLL (First Lego League) and this gives us a platform to demonstrate our skills in technology and robotics in front of renowned technological firms.


Hello, I am Thom. I’m 17 years old and this is my fourth year in FTC. I am a builder in the team. The last three years I learned a lot about how to build parts of the robot. I will be using my knowledge from the past four years to build the best robot we can. This involves using cad in a lot of places which I have learned to use over the past years. I’m interested in technology which lead me to join and stay in FTC.


Hi, my name is Sanne! I’m 17 years old and one of the programmers in our team. I have been a team member for four years now and enjoy it a lot! Before joining the FTC competition, I also participated in the FLL competition. I mainly program the autonomous part of our robot. I have joined the FTC because I really enjoy programming and have so much fun participating in the FTC competitions with the team.

Minh Anh

Hello, I’m Minh Anh. I am 15 years old, and this will be my second year participating in FTC. I have joined the team because I always wanted to be able to program a robot. So, I’m very excited about learning JAVA-script, getting to know new people and making new friends.


Hi my name is Siem and I’m currently 14 years old. My FTC experience started in 2022 so I have one year of experience. I joined our team because I saw some of it when I was a the FLL and I thought it looked pretty fun. I’m a builder in our team because I like being busy with making something, and I like the technology of the robot. I like the FTC because of the robots because, I think they will have a big impact on the future, and I want to help that.


Hello, my name is Olivier. I am a builder of the team the Encrypted gentlemen and this is my second year. I have also participated in FLL which it was quiet a step up to the FTC. I am always eager to meet new teams and people and see their robots to see what they came up with and build up my knowledge from all the encounters with other teams. I always look up toward the league meets because its such an experience you meet lots of teams and have lots of fun.


Hello there! My name is Kjell and I have been involved with FTC for about half a season now. Before I did FTC, I was involved in our school’s FLL in which I had a lot of fun and I hope to have more fun for the rest of this season. My role is builder, which means that I get to work with my hands and I really enjoy doing that. I am also part of our social media team, which handles Instagram and other things.


Hi everyone, I’m Cornel and I am currently 14 years old. I want to become a programmer in the team. I don’t know how to program as of now, but I hope to change that this year. Before I joined this team, I played in our school’s FLL-team.


Hello, my name is Xander and I am 14 years old, I became part of the ftc team last year and I am very excited to be part of the team, I am a builder but am not very good at it but that hopefully changes as the season progresses. Before I joined the FTC I participated in my school’s FLL team for about 2 years and that was a lot of fun, so that is why I chose to join the ftc. I hope to have a lot of fun this year, gain experience and meet new people.