Hello there, my name is Bram, and I was for 3 year a member of the FTC team.
I was one of the programmers, though I spent most of my time designing and 3D-printing, so I make a lot of parts for our former robots. Now I'm helping the team to share my experience with programming and design skills. 
FTC is still an excellent hobby for me because I am interested in technology and because it allows me to develop and play with epic robots!


Hi! My name is Luc, and I was for four years the head programmer of the team.
I love solving difficult problems and optimizing systems/algorithms. This is why I love the First Tech Challenge. Now I pass my programming knowledge to the programmers in the team.
The First Tech Challenge gives us a wide range of difficulties to solve, which can be solved in many and interesting ways.


Hello! My name is Remco. I was for three years the head builder of the team.
The reason I joined the FTC was that I always had (and still have) an interest in technology and after three years of FLL I was ready for the next step. The three years I competed with The Encrypted Gentlemen in the FTC, I learned a lot about how to build a robot, how to cooperate and how to document everything we build on the robot.
Now I want to pass this knowledge to the new team members.


Hi, my name is Vera. I am 17 years old and participated for 4 year in the FTC competition. I was the teamleader and the one responsible for the engineering notebook and portfolio. What I love about FTC is the nice athmosphere. Everybody is prepared to help oneanother eventhough it’s a competition.


Greetings! I'm Mike, currently I'm 16 years old. I joined the team in 2020, as a programmer. This because I like technology and working with computers. But nearing the end of my first season I turned to building. I am now more mechanically minded. I also keep myself busy with 3d modeling and 3d printing. It makes prototyping a lot easier!


Hey I'm Floortje. I'm 16 years old and this is my second year participating in the FTC competition. I help with the social media. I like the FTC because you work with technology and I love the team building you create. Also, you meet a lot of new people and make new friends. You learn here a different way of thinking that I really like.